The Ancient Art Of Conflict Resolution: Northwest Native American Traditions

In the early 1990s several educators from Seattle’s American Indian Heritage High School and
Program piloted and wrote the study guide.

This study guide is built upon the traditional belief that a culture infuses all it’s members with
important values. NW First Nations children were traditionally regularly exposed to the
traditional values including: Honor, Courage, Respect and Generosity.

As the learners embarked upon activities that built important communication skills including:
Observing, Listening, Speaking, Patience, Humor, Creativity, Self Awareness, Critical Thinking.
The first half of the study guide provides a historical context for the educational approach
traditionally used by NW First Peoples. The second half of the study guide offers 27 educational
activities our teachers use to build skills and reinforce values familiar to most NW Native

Click here for the the full study guide

How to use this study guide

Teachers may wish to use this study guide for many reasons.

1. If you have only 3 minutes:

You may choose from one of the Hamumu Arts Collective films to show a group of your students. Any discussion of the content can deepen a groups feel for NW culture and art. For a look at the films and their trailers hit the story-film menu tab

2. If you have one class period:

You may choose to find one appropriate activity that will help you teach skills that help provide a foundation for reinforcing the cultural principles and critical thinking skills that promote traditional Northwest Native as well as modern day health and balance.

3. If you have several classes or a unit:

You may choose to use a sequence of the study guide activities that will build upon the skills and cultural principles to involve your students in a creative campaign that may even help them to collaborate with one another to develop experiences each student can use to become each others allies creating a healthier community and world.
      a) Go to the Basic Skills heading and then string together a series of activities that each build upon a similar foundational skill
      b) Go to the Traditional NW Native cultural value principles heading and string together a series of activities that deepen your students experience of these guiding principles.
      c) Read through and choose any of the final 10 activities in the guide then click on it and
then select several foundational activities that will build toward your final activity experience you've chosen.