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About Us

The Hamumu Arts Collective

Founded in 2008 by George Melas Taylor and Craig Jacobrown that is managed and run by a non-profit organization comprised of a majority of Northwest Native First Nations artists and educators. The Collective was formed to integrate strong traditional NW Native story, song, dance, sculptural and two dimensional forms with the aesthetic and technical production values of modern mask and puppet theater.

George is the director and lead singer of the ‘Lelala Dance Society', a family of traditional singers and dancers of the Kwakwaka’wakw (Kwakiutl) Nation. 'Lelala' means 'traveling from here to there' in the Kwakwala language and reflects the fact that George and his dancers have traveled to over a dozen countries as cultural arts ambassadors sharing their deep connection to the NW ecology. George has been in charge of assembling a talented group of NW Native culture keepers in Washington State  and British Columbia to collaborate closely with talented NW Native artist…

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